After 28 years, IHD Corporation continues to help companies hire & build their teams the right way.

Here are a few client testimonials about IHD Corporation.

The Picture People


"The Picture People has used the DISC II/Achiever assessments for about 3 years now, and I want to share our 2010 overall turnover numbers with you.


As you recall in 2007-08 when I took over, our turnover was around 125% company wide on all positions. At that time our management turnover was running at about 15%-%17%. As of the end of December 2010, our company wide turnover was down to 56% and management positions ended the year at 5.2%.


Immediately, after we decided to partner with IHD Corporation, I went on a campaign to benchmark the top and bottom 10% of our management staff and the results were amazing. Figuring out the mental aptitude of our staff really helped us tailor our training programs to better fit both our managers and employees.


A great example of tailoring our training was when you identify current managers that may have trouble with numbers or math, we would spend more time going over the P&L reports with them to ensure they understand how the number tie together. In addition we have a few positions that request technical or mechanical skills such as camera adjustments or printer maintenance. With employees who had lower scores in mechanical interests, we customized our training to be more technical for them or even a follow up one on one meeting at their work location. This really allowed us to narrow the scope on specific areas of training, thus making the employee comfortable with the additional attention.


Although there are many components in hiring the right person, the DISCII/Achiever assessments were instrumental in providing The Picture People with the tools to do so. Trusting the information the assessments provide is paramount in preserving the integrity of the position.


--Jeffery A. Rawlings, Director of Human Resources, The Picture People

Consolidated Restaurant Operations


"According to our records, Consolidated Restaurant Operations has been using IHD Corporation assessment instruments since early 1999. We had experienced a management turnover in 1998 of 45%, and, I am pleased to announce that during the last eight years that number has decreased to the point where our final 2009 turnover rate will be 14%, a first in company history.


In the full-service restaurant industry management turnover of 30% is considered good, so our perfromance has been outstanding.


Although there are several factors in this decrease, I am convinced that a big part of the reason was our decision to use IHD's DISC II and Achiever assessment system. It is not only a superior assessment system' for hiring purposes, but provides supervisors vital information for continued subordinate development and supervision. In addition, I have found that the IHD report provides individuals valuable information for self-development.


I would highly recommend IHD's system to any company looking to make improved hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and better supervise as well as develop their human capital. I hope you and your company experience continued success in 2010."


--Rob Weaver, Director of Human Resources, Consolidated Restaurant Operations

CRO operates The Spaghetti Warehouse, El Chico, Good Eats, Cantina Laredo, Lucky's Cafe, Silver Fox Steakhouse, III Forks Steakhouse, and Cool River Cafe.


Luma Corp Inc.


"I thought you would like to see some year-end figures. LumaCorp Inc. began using the IHD Corporation assessments about 6 years ago for our Property Managers. At that time, the annual turnover for this position was 74%. Our Property Manager turnover in 2009 has dropped to 38%. Due to these outstanding results, we have extended the use of the assessments to several other positions.


Overall, our annual turnover has fallen from 55% in 2004 to 28% in 2009 and we anticipate a further reduction in the upcoming years.


We will continue to use IHD Corporation and the assessments that you provide. These tools have improved our interviewing system. They have insured that we hire people with the exact skills necessary by comparing their assessments to the benchmark that was created by our top performers in each position and then clearly identifying required job related behavioral and performance characteristics.


I highly recommend your services to any business that wants to make the best hiring decisions possible and increase the effectiveness of existing employees."


--Kristi Gandy, Human Resources Manager, Luma Corp Inc.


EDGE Tech Corp.


"EDGE has utilized the services of Leroy and his company since 1993, and we have come to rely heavily upon the data generated by profiling our potential employees.


In my role as head of Human Resources since 1996, I have evaluated literally dozens of companies who offer resources in the same general arena as Leroy Hamm offers. However, we have found nothing that remotely approaches the quality of output, and the accuracy of information, that we achieve when we consistently profile potential new hires. Hiring job candidates who had obvious red flags and later failed, made believers out of us."


--William E. Thompson, Executive Vice President, EDGE Tech Corp.


Darling Homes


"I have known Leroy Hamm for many years, and throughout working relationship have found Leroy to be extremely knowledgeable on the interpretation and use of the DISCII and Achiever assessment tools. Darling Homes has used these assessment tools for pre-hire, employee development, and general understanding of a person for the purpose of managing, motivating and developing the individual.


Darling Homes has sent all of our leadership team to the Certification course. Our managers have commented how very helpful and valuable the assessments and Leroy's services have been, and because of the managers' testimonials, we have expanded the use of the assessments in our company."


--Heidi A. Hass, SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development

Darling Homes.


Free Market Foundation


"I cannot recommend highly enough the assistance [of] Mr. Leroy Hamm. Mr. Hamm's incredible wisdom, discernment, and skills have been invaluable in evaluating potential hires as well as helping us understand the make-up of our current staff and how we can best work together... I think Mr. Hamm's services and wisdom are invaluable to any company."


--Kelly Shackelford, President, Free Market Foundation


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