IHD Corporation Certification Seminar - DISC II & Achiever


Hiring mistakes are made every day because hiring professionals have poor interviewing skills or inadequate tools to help them. The DISC II and Achiever, when used as a part of the hiring system, reduce turnover and insure the quality of new hires.


The Certification Seminar consists of workshops and discussions on the DISC II assessment and helps enhance your understanding of the temperament concept of behavior. An initial overview is given of the four basic temperaments and temperament blend. Plotting point dynamics are covered, as well as how to read the "whole picture" of all three graphs and verify a person's temperament pattern.


The Achiever workshop covers the personality profiles used in conjunction with the temperament profile (DISC II) to gather more detailed and specific information on the individual, as well as identify “adaptive” behavior. The purpose of this workshop is to increase your training in interpreting The Achiever as well as using it in management. The more versed you are in the correlations of different personality dimensions, the more valuable you will find the written reports and other IHD Corporation tools you use in hiring and developing your people.


Also covered are correlations between both assessments that provide a deeper understanding of how to use the profiles in creating "models" or “benchmarks” for different positions within the organization.



This seminar is designed to increase productivity by increasing cooperation and decreasing tension in the workplace. A client of many years once said that he "hires people for what they can do and fires them for who they are." The relationship factor is a major key to organizational harmony and productivity. Attendees gain an understanding of the fundamental differences in people and reveals what drives them and how best to work with them. Many managers learn that their approach has been counter-productive in motivating some of their direct reports.




Managers who need to be less passive or less aggressive as opposed to more assertive are trained individually in assertiveness skills. They learn to relate in a more effective and productive way with their direct reports, with an emphasis on improving their relationships with both passive and aggressive individuals.





After providing the DISC II and Achiever assessments to the individuals in conflict, a one-on-one session with each provides insight into what the source of the conflict may. Conflict resolution skills are discussed with both individuals to help increase cooperation and decrease tension.



This seminar covers the basics in interviewing, including major mistakes people make, the use of result-oriented job descriptions, knock-out factors, interviewing do’s and dont's, identifying the basic temperaments of job applicants, and specific questions to ask applicants based on temperament. Also included are specific questions the interviewer can ask to discover an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. Also pre-employment testing, effective reference questions, an exit interview, the manager’s self-examination, and E.E.O.C. restrictions and guidelines.




Managers and employees are taught how to get what they want while showing respect and consideration for others. Participants learn how to identify communication styles in themselves and others and how to effectively address and deal with them.

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