Conflict Resolution

Individual consulting service


After providing the DISC II and Achiever assessments to the two individuals in conflict, a one-on-one session with each of the individuals gives them insight into why they do what they do, where the conflict may be coming from, or what might be exacerbating the conflict. Conflict resolution skills are discussed with both individuals to help increase cooperation and decrease tension.

Conflict Resolution

Understanding Human Behavior to Resolve Conflict in Your Workplace.


The hope of every relationship is to keep conflict to a minimum; but once you find yourself  in a polarized “us vs. them” or  “me vs. you” mind set, the challenge is stepping out of the conflict and looking at conflict in terms of interests versus position.  Keeping mutual interests in focus is paramount to resolution of conflict. A domestic conflict which focuses on mutual interests, such as the children’s needs being met, is more productive than a positional perspective where demands come from who gets what. As a  business partner, associate or employee,  if I make judgments about  you from a positional perspective,  then you are a threat to me.



Assertiveness Training for Professionals

Individual consulting service


Managers who need to be less passive and more assertive or less aggressive as opposed to assertive are trained individually in assertiveness skills. They learn to relate in a more effective and productive way with their direct reports, with an emphasis on improving their relationships with both passive and aggressive individuals.


A mind-set that leads to achievement.


Years of frustration from living in a “prison of passivity” led me to write this article. Saying “yes” to decisions and people when I should have said “no” left me living with some very negative consequences — in some cases for years afterward. The internal struggle of feeling powerless in some situations and of being tentative in circumstances that required honest, direct communication left me ultimately with a choice: Learn how to communicate more effectively, or stay locked in my ineffective, self-made prison. I had to learn to be more assertive.


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