Pre-employment screening & employee background checks


Pre-employment screening and employee background checks are more common these days than ever before. Employers need to know who they are hiring and they have a duty to their shareholders, stakeholders and co-workers to keep everyone as safe as possible. Finding out the truth about someone using a background check is quick, inexpensive and allows an employer or H.R. Department to take the guess work out of hiring.


Maintain a safer workplace

Background screening helps minimize the possibility of violence at your company by checking for past criminal behavior and better qualifying the history and character of prospective employees.


Protect your company assets

The people you hire potentially have access to valuable physical and intellectual property Background screening helps to minimize the potential of theft or corporate espionage. In some cases, your company may be required by law to screen for individuals who are on national and international sanctions or disqualification lists.


Reduce long-term costs

Locating, interviewing and hiring new employees is an expensive process. Screening candidates can help ensure individuals are properly qualified which reduces turnover. Other troublesome histories such as absenteeism or poor work performance may also be identified.

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