For 28 years, IHD Corporation has been a leader in human resource services

providing pre-screening, management training and personnel development.

Leroy Hamm, President



A few of the companies who have attended IHD Corporation Seminars are Arby's, Baker & Botts LLP, Blackmon & Mooring, Blockbuster Entertainment, Borden Milk, Boeing Aircraft, Braums, Brinker's Int'l., Cendant, Chili's, Clarke Products, Coca Cola, Columbia Medical Center, Compass Bank, Coors Dist. Co., Delta Airlines, Don Pablos, Federal Express, Frito-Lay, Kroger, McDonalds, Pizza Inn, Price Waterhouse, Tandy Radio Shack, The Associates, The Staubach Company, and Tom Thumb, Inc. These seminars are open seminars presented annually and on-site as well.


The pre-employment assessments used by IHD Corporation are the DISCII temperament behavioral style and The Achiever, which measures mental aptitudes and personality dimensions. The assessments are used by Baskin Robbins, Brinks Home Security, Bureau of National Affairs, Centex Corp., Dixie Marathon Paper Co., El Chico Restaurants, Inc.; First Command Financial Planning, General Mills, Kraft, Northwest Airlines, Reynolds & Reynolds, Tandy Corp., Trane, TD Industries, Frymire, Rasa Floors and many others. Both assessments are validated on a concurrent and reliability basis and The Achiever has been used by companies both domestic and foreign for over 45 years and the DISCII for over 20 years.



IHD Corporation, a leader in pre-screening and personnel development, is a twenty seven year-old Human Resources services firm which provides pre-employment assessments and management and team development seminars and programs. Founded in 1987 by Leroy Hamm, President, IHD has worked with companies and organizations such as the CEO Institute of Dallas; Cigna Health Plan; Consolidated Restaurant Operations (i.e., El Chico, Good Eats, Spaghetti Warehouse, etc.); Datamax of Canon Copiers in Dallas; Gustafson, LLC. of Crompton & Bayer; Remington, DePalma and Gencom Hotel Management Companies; and First Command Financial Planning.


Seminars presented by IHD Corporation

  >  Assertiveness Training

  >  Communication Skills

  >  Conflict Resolution

  >  Interview Skills for the Employer/Manager

  >  Understanding and Supervising the Basic Temperaments

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